Tucson Infrared Building Inspection Services

Get a complete analysis of your building to quickly identify problems that cannot be see with the naked eye.  For many years, our Tucson Infrared Building Inspection services in Arizona, Infrared Technologies has been pinpointing and locating electrical, mechanical and building envelope system issues before they arise.  Our inspection services are specifically designed to help you increase profits, reduce maintenance costs, and improve efficiency.

With our comprehensive surveys, attention to detail, and certified Introspection thermographers, we can help you determine major problems in any of your systems and building envelope in Tucson that may include:

  • Insulation problems or lack thereof
  • Electrical system failures that may increase risk of a fire
  • Moisture or roof leaks
  • Air leakage
  • Energy loss
  • Mechanical system failure that can lead to inefficiencies
  • Malfunctioning/defective equipment and machinery

A Brief Overview of Our Tucson Infrared Inspection Services and Preventative Maintenance Services

  • Infrared Electrical System Survey – This electrical system survey is designed to detect circuit overloads, damage/defective components, unbalanced loads, and dangerous problems that can present unsafe conditions. At Infrared Technologies, we focus on our infrared thermography to identify these issues and provide accurate reports so you can implement repairs immediately without reducing downtime.  It’s highly recommend that you perform an Infrared electrical survey at least once a year to prevent system failures.
  • Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey – If moisture is present on your roof, it can cause a lot of damage. However, it’s often difficult to determine if moisture is present without the right diagnostic tools. With our Infrared Flat Roof Moisture survey, we will be able to identify moisture.  This process allows small areas of moisture to be detected, as well as provides a cost effective way to determine if there is roof/moisture damage. This is why we include physical inspections during these surveys. This way the Infrared thermography test will be accurate.
  • Infrared Photovoltaic System Survey – These surveys are designed to test and detect thermal patterns of your installed solar panels. During this survey, our thermographer seek to find faulty wiring, locate dirty and/or obstructed cells. Once we provide you with documentation you will be able to improve efficiency while reducing your maintenance costs.
  • Building Envelope Infrared Inspections – This is one of the most comprehensive inspections you can have for your Tucson building envelope. These inspections are specifically designed to help you detect energy loss, heat loss, air leakage, moisture build up, insulation issues and more. By using Infrared thermography, you will have a unique advantage. These inspections will provide accurate reports so you can increase efficiency, reduce energy costs, increase profitability and more.
  • Mechanical System Surveys – These Infrared inspection surveys in Tucson provide a non-invasive, non-destructive way to identify anomalies in in certain components of your machinery. This can help prevent equipment failures, reduce downtime and minimize the cost of repairs.
  • Steam System Surveys – If you use steam for your manufacturing, you are aware that improper heat distribution can present component failures, blockages, and a myriad of other problems that can be a waste of money. A steam system survey will determine terminal anomalies that are causing inefficiencies, safety hazards, and unreliability of your steam system.   A steam trap survey will save you thousands of dollars in energy waste annually while reducing your carbon footprint.

Our Tucson Infrared Inspection Services for Buildings:

The following infrared inspection services may be of great benefit to your business.

When you have experienced and certified Infrared Thermographs who pay attention to detail, and can pinpoint and locate major issues to prevent emergency maintenance, you can expect the following:

Increased productivity – With Infrared building inspection services you can identify issues in a matter of minutes without disrupting workflows or shutting down machinery or equipment.

Reduced costs – When you identify problems before they start, you can reduce operational costs, and save money.

Reduced Risks – By performing preventive maintenance on your mechanical systems, electrical systems and building envelopes you can prevent fires, electrical wiring issues, and other problems that can effect downtime.

Increase profits – Prevent emergency maintenance, protect your warranty plans, and increase profits with Infrared building inspection services.

Tucson Infrared Building Inspection Services You Can Rely on!

When it comes to performing diagnostic tests to prevent system wide failures, invest in Infrared Technologies in Tucson, Arizona.

Call our office today and find out why companies like Kellogg and Amazon prefer our Tucson Infrared Building inspection services.