Oklahoma City infrared building inspection services

When you have an Oklahoma City infrared building inspection, you can prevent setbacks, stop system wide failures from occurring, and reduce down time. Oklahoma City infrared building inspection services provide a fast, simple, and cost effective way to test the reliability and functionality of your mechanical and electrical components.

When you choose Infrared Technologies to perform your infrared building inspections Oklahoma City, you can rest assured that our skilled thermographers will seek to identify the following issues:

  • Improper heat distribution
  • Energy loss
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Faulty equipment
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Air leakage
  • Defective cells within in solar panels
  • And much more
  • Potential equipment failures

Discover why infrared building inspections are the preferred choice

Performing routine maintenance and preventative maintenance services can lead to reduce downtime, increased profits, improved safety conditions, and cost-effect savings.  An infrared building inspection is ideal for helping you improve your bottom line. Here’s why:

Standard building inspections often require drilling holes in walls or removing walls to detect system failures. However, this can lead a stop in production schedules, which, essentially will increase downtime, and decrease profits.  This is why many prefer the safety and reliability of an infrared building inspection.  An Oklahoma infrared building inspection offers a non-invasive and cost effective way to detect system failures without disrupting production schedules.  This ultimately will reduce downtime, and offer a fast and easy way to pinpoint and locate system issue before they become system wide failures.

Our Infr­­aspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers in Oklahoma will provide you with the information you need most, including:

  • Infrared preventative and predictive maintenance reports
  • Condition assessment and monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Energy Loss
  • Forensics

Here is a detailed list of our Oklahoma City infrared building inspection services:

Infrared Electrical System Survey – It’s highly recommended that this building inspection is performed at least once annually.  This survey seeks to identify potential system failures within your electrical system. These failures can include: lose connections, unbalanced loads, overloaded circuits, faulty equipment and wiring, malfunctioning equipment and a wide variety of other issues that may lead to system wide failures.  When you have a detailed thermography report, you can implement changes that reduces downtime as well as reduce maintenance costs.

Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey – If moisture intrusion is present on your roof; it can lead to serious damage that can cost thousands of dollars to replace or repair. With a thorough physical inspection, and a detailed hardcopy of your reports, our thermographers will provide you with the necessary information you need to know to implement cost-effective repairs.

Infrared Photovoltaic System Survey – If you suspect that your solar panels are not operating at ultimate performance, this is the building inspection you need.  Our skilled and certified thermographers will inspect your solar panels for defective cells, faulty wiring, malfunctioning equipment and more.  When you are aware of the issues with your solar panels, you will implement maintenance and repair services that will improve the overall efficiency of your solar panels.

Building Envelope Infrared Inspections – Energy loss can be due to air leakage or poor insulation. No matter the reason for energy loss, it costs you money. This is why it’s imperative to find the primary cause of your energy loss. When our thermographers provide you with a detailed report, you can implement the necessary changes to stop air leakage, reduce the amount of energy loss, and improve efficiency. Call our Oklahoma City office and find out more about this building inspection service today!

Mechanical System Surveys – When you want to prevent system wide failures, it’s imperative that you inspect your electrical and mechanical systems on a routine basis. This building inspection survey is specifically designed to pinpoint potential system failures within your mechanical systems. When our thermographers provide you with your accurate thermography reports, you will be able to take the necessary measures to improve the reliability of your mechanical equipment, prevent system wide failures, reduce downtime, improve safety conditions, and much more. Call our Oklahoma City office today and schedule your infrared building inspection today!

Steam System Surveys – If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, conserve energy, and save money, this steam system survey is for you. Our thermographers will perform an infrared building inspection to determine if you have improper heat distribution. When you have a hard-copy of your thermography report, you can implement changes that will help you save money and increase profits. Call our Oklahoma City office and schedule this building inspection survey today.

Our Infrared Inspection Services for Buildings

The following infrared inspection services may be of great benefit to your Oklahoma City business:


Infrared thermography is rapidly becoming the building inspection service of choice. Whether you need a complete energy audit, and annual building inspection, or want to inspect your roof for moisture intrusion, you can feel confident that Infrared Technologies will provide you with detailed and accurate thermography reports to help you strengthen your bottom line.

Contact our offices today and find out why world renowned companies such as Kellogg and Amazon choose us for their infrared building inspection needs!