Infrared Steam System Surveys

Steam system surveys are capable of finding problems before they become major issues that cause downtime or expensive repairs. Businesses that use steam for heating or manufacturing can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars annually due to compromised steam traps. Not only are profits increased by identifying problems, but your carbon footprint is also minimized.

  • Infrared Steam System Surveys can identify problems, including oft-malfunctioning steam traps
  • Reduce maintenance costs and expensive downtime while increasing productivity
  • Every steam system survey includes a comprehensive report
  • With more than three decades of quality customer care, we pride ourselves on lasting business relationships
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How You Benefit From Infrared Steam System Surveys

Steam functions within a pressurized system by maintaining high temperatures. Large amount of energy are transported via the steam and can be stored within the system. As temperatures within the system increase, so does the pressure, but it begins to lose energy the moment it leaves the boiler to travel along the steam lines.

As the pressure and temperature of the steam drop, it begins to condense, allowing water to form within the lines. This water that was once steam is removed from the lines by steam traps to be returned to the boiler in a continuation of the cycle.

Infrared steam system surveys identify areas within the system where lower temperatures indicate that steam is absent due to some failure within the system. Often, these failures occur within the steam traps and can go unnoticed for some time, resulting in frustratingly high costs due to lost profits or compromised heating.

Failure rates for steam traps are shockingly high, and they can cost an unsuspecting enterprise hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Identifying and repairing one failed steam trap can pay for an entire inspection, so these surveys should be a regular part of your preventative maintenance plan.

How Often Should I Conduct An Infrared Steam Survey?
This will have much to do with the size and scope of your operation, and whether you use steam for manufacturing purposes. Because of the high cost associated with steam trap failure combined with their high statistical rate of failure, it makes sense to conduct an infrared survey at least once annually and possibly far more frequently.

Our Certified Infrared Thermography Team Will Get Your Steam Survey Done Right
For well over 30 years, the staff at Infrared Technologies has been performing a complete line of infrared surveys and inspections to some of the most recognizable names in business, including Amazon, Kohl’s Department Stores, and Kellogg. Our team of professional technicians understands the value of steam system surveys, and how much money can be saved by obtaining an accurate inspection of the system.

Our Certified Infrared Thermographers® supply you with a comprehensive report after every survey, in both digital and hardcopy format. You can then use this information to initiate repairs designed to keep you fully operational and increasing your productivity, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Infrared Thermography puts real power at your fingertips, providing you with a competitive edge and a non-invasive means to prevent problems before they become problems.

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