Infrared Mechanical System Surveys

Infrared mechanical system surveys helps determine problem areas within machinery before total failure necessitates costly repairs or causes extensive delays. These surveys are non-invasive, and can be conducted under normal work conditions, most of the time. The benefits of a mechanical survey include the maintaining the ongoing reliability of the machinery while reducing unforeseen maintenance costs.

  • Infrared Mechanical System Surveys identify problems before total failure disrupts your operations
  • Annual mechanical surveys can reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity
  • Your survey includes a comprehensive report that puts the power of infrared technology at your fingertips
  • With more than three decades of experience, we offer professionalism and reliability
  • Contact Infrared Technologies today and find out why we are considered industry leaders

Infrared Thermography And Its Usefulness For Mechanical Systems

Almost any piece of machinery can benefit from an infrared survey, but clients often use them to test boilers, rotating machinery, and refractory machinery to identify anomalies within their system components.

Because infrared thermography is non-invasive, tests won’t interfere with normal operations and can be conducted under normal conditions. These surveys detect energy emitted from the internal components of the piece of machinery, translating it into a visual image which can be used to detect anomalies indicative of potential equipment failures or latent flaws within the system.

Not only does identifying a problem area before total failure save you the cost of expensive repairs and collateral damage, but it also prevents costly shutdowns of the system. When a survey identifies a temperature anomaly within the machinery, an image is generated highlighting the problem areas. Appropriate actions can then be taken to repair the problem by your maintenance staff.

How Often Should Infrared Mechanical System Surveys Be Performed?
A good time to perform a mechanical system survey is during regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program dates. However, if data indicates a drop-off in production or some other anomalous reading for which there is no apparent solution, a mechanical system survey can find the problem before it creates a larger one.

Get Your Survey Done Right With Our Infrared Thermography Team
Infrared Technologies has been in business for more than 30 years, performing infrared scans for businesses that include Kellogg’s, Amazon, and Kohl’s Department Stores. By offering a complete line of infrared inspection and survey services, we strive to help businesses maintain a competitive edge by offering them a means to solve problems before they start.

Our Certified Infrared Thermographers® are the best in the industry, and can help your business increase its efficiency and productivity by preventing downtime and reducing maintenance costs. Every survey we perform comes with a comprehensive report, with thermal images that highlight problem areas within a system in either digital or conventional format.

In other words: We put the power of infrared technology at your fingertips, so contact us today and find out why we’ve developed business relationships that have lasted for a generation.