Infrared Health And Hospital System Scans

For hospitals and other health providers, infrared system scanning of electrical equipment helps to identify problems that could cause a disruption in service, or even put lives at risk. Additional benefits to health and hospitals who add infrared system scans to their maintenance plan include increased productivity and efficiency, by maximizing the reliability of various systems within the building.

  • Health and hospital infrared system scans identify potential problems before they lead to expensive repairs or dangerous system failures
  • You can significantly reduce maintenance costs by adding an infrared scan to your preventative maintenance schedule
  • Every scan includes a comprehensive report that makes addressing issues easy
  • We want to establish an ongoing business relationship with your health care facility or hospital
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Hospital System Scans Using Infrared Thermography

Hospitals and other health providers can utilize the power of infrared thermography to identify “hot spots” in various systems well before problems occur. Hospitals benefit greatly by adding infrared system scans to their electrical preventative maintenance programs.

At Infrared Technologies, we provide infrared scans that look for potential problem areas to uncover trouble sites before they result in a complete shutdown of vital systems. A detailed report is included with each scan, complete with photos of various hot spots. Using this information, steps can be taken to address these problem sites by maintenance or some other professional.

One of the major benefits to these infrared scans is that they find problems that are often missed by more conventional surveys.  Hospital systems that benefit from regular infrared scans include:

  • Busways
  • Fused Switches
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Transfer Switches
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Transformers
  • Essential Motors

How Often Should Infrared Scans Be Scheduled
Critical electrical equipment benefits from regular scans, and if you’ve never performed one on your hospital systems, it’s likely you’ll be surprised at the number of hidden problems that exist. Each health facility would benefit from creating its own customized preventative maintenance plan, and managing infrared scans according to their effectiveness.

For example, if you schedule a scan once every six months and find that few issues exist with each scan, you may be able to lengthen the intervals between scans. However, if you are experiencing frequent shutdowns or system-wide failures, more frequent infrared scans may prove beneficial. Our experts can work with you to develop a comprehensive infrared scanning solution for your hospital or health care facility.

The Professionals At Infrared Technologies Will Put The Power Of Infrared Thermography At Your Fingertips

With more than 30 years of experience in the infrared thermography business, we’ve helped a number of health care providers and hospitals cut costs and improve reliability by providing them with infrared system scans. With a complete line of services, including building envelope scans and infrared roof scans, there are a number of ways we can help you cut costs.

We are proud to list as business partners some of the most recognized names in business, including Kohl’s Department Stores, Kellogg, and Amazon, just to name a few. Our Certified Infrared Thermographers® offer hospitals a means of significantly cutting maintenance costs by utilizing a non-invasive means of identifying problems in key systems.

We are eager to develop an ongoing relationship with your operation, as scans become more streamlined as our personnel get to know your building and its various systems. Find out why we are an infrared Thermography industry leader with customer care that is second to none.

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