Infrared Energy Audits For Structures

Heat loss from buildings can cost you a fortune. Infrared thermography makes it possible to see exactly where homes and commercial structures are losing heat, which is especially useful during renovations. Heat can escape through a variety of areas, including doors, windows, chimneys, roofs, and spots where insulation is missing or damaged, just to name a few. Because energy audits are non-invasive, you can reap benefits from a single infrared scan.

  • Heat loss can double your energy consumption, costing you thousands of dollars annually
  • Energy audits using infrared thermography are non-invasive, and can be performed at any time
  • Improved energy efficiency not only saves you money, but leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint
  • Energy audits are especially useful when buildings are being renovated
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How An Energy Audit Can Benefit Your Budget

There are a number of factors that can cause an overabundance of air leakage from a building, and the problem is more pervasive than many people realize. While air exchange within a building is necessary, most allow too much due to poor construction or faulty design. Often, visual inspections fail to locate areas where leakage is causing heat loss.

Infrared thermography makes it possible to detect hidden areas within the structure where heat loss would normally go unnoticed. This underscores the value of infrared energy audits, because you ultimately get more reliability and value from the survey.

Locating areas where heat is escaping means also finding areas where cold air may enter a structure. If you’ve ever felt a cold draft while standing in your living room or bathroom, then you understand how air leaks within a structure can also affect your comfort.

The biggest benefit of conducting an infrared energy audit is undoubtedly the savings it can provide. Not only will repairing compromised areas within the structure save you on energy costs, it could also save you on repairs.

For example, your energy audit may reveal an area where wet insulation is causing heat to escape the building. When you address the issue, you find a small leak in your roof where water entered and soaked the insulation. Had you not found the problem, your entire ceiling could have been compromised, causing damage to the structure, and the property below.

How Often Should I Conduct An Energy Audit
There is no rule of thumb for energy audits, but commercial buildings may need more frequent surveys than residences. If your building or home is being renovated, it’s a good idea to conduct an energy audit to ascertain problems within the structure. If you feel cold drafts or find that your energy costs suddenly increase without explanation, an energy audit may be a good idea.

Infrared Technologies – Solving Problems Before They Become Big Problems
We have been helping commercial and residential clients perform infrared energy audits on their buildings for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve saved homeowners and business people a fortune in energy costs, helping them uncover the little secrets within their structures where air was able to find free passage.

We are proud to work with some names you might have heard of – Kellogg, Amazon, and Kohl’s Department Stores, just to name a few. We enjoy lasting relationships with our clients because they know our products and customer service are second to none.

Our Certified Infrared Thermographers® will provide you with a detailed report of your energy audit, so that you can use the information to take action.

Save money, enjoy a more comfortable home or place of business, and put the power of infrared thermography at your fingertips by giving us a call today.