Infrared Aerial Scans

Infrared roof inspection and  building envelope surveys are significantly easier when conducted via aerial scan. These non-invasive surveys make it possible to identify areas where energy loss is prevalent, and can also lower maintenance costs by finding problems within the roof or structure where catastrophic failure is imminent. Aerial scans are not only capable of finding areas where heat is escaping the structure, but can also identify entrained roof moisture, which often signifies wet insulation.

  • Aerial scans are an effective solution to energy problems, and are also easy on your budget
  • Roof and building envelopes are prone to energy loss from air leaks and entrained roof moisture
  • Infrared aerial scans are non-invasive and can be conducted any time, under the right conditions
  • Infrared Technologies boasts over 30 years of reliable service, so quality is assured
  • Contact us today to schedule your own aerial scan

Using Aerial Scans To Identify Problems With Your Roof Or Building Envelope
Aerial infrared scans are capable of finding latent moisture within building insulation that cause energy-sapping conduction from wet or missing insulation. Whether the problem lies in the roof or walls, the aerial scan makes it possible to find areas where a traditional survey would likely prove unsuccessful.

Not only do these surveys routinely find areas where wet insulation is causing a major loss of heat and energy, identifying these problem areas before catastrophic failure of the structure saves on repair and maintenance costs.

Air infiltration can happen anywhere within the building envelope, but aerial scans mark places where decaying caulk or developing cracks have compromised the integrity of the structure. Energy and heat loss can cost you a fortune, making aerial scans an affordable way to maintain a reliable preventative maintenance schedule.

Every aerial scan we perform comes with an in-depth report, complete with infrared photographs that can be viewed digitally or as a hardcopy. This data can then be used to address problem areas before they become even bigger issues.

How Often Should You Perform Aerial Scans?
For many commercial buildings, an annual aerial infrared scan will suffice. The idea is to add this survey to your preventative maintenance plan, so that you can avoid catastrophic problems. However, it may also be beneficial to conduct an aerial scan if you suspect a problem exists, such as a sudden sharp increase in energy usage.

Our Infrared Aerial Scan Experts Are Industry Leaders
Infrared Technologies offers a complete array of inspection services, for both the interior and exterior of your building. For over 30 years, we’ve been conducting aerial scans that save businesses and homeowners a fortune on energy and repair costs. We are proud to work with some of the biggest names in business, including Kohl’s Department Stores, Kellogg, and Amazon.

Our highly trained team of Certified Infrared Thermographers® is ready to put the power of an aerial scan at your fingertips, so contact us today to bolster you bottom line and protect your investment.