Houston Infrared Building Inspection Services

Are you looking to buy a commercial or office property in Houston, Texas or looking to make your current building heat efficient? Are you looking for a service that can provide you with a non-invasive, cost effective way of looking for hidden problems that may be placing your Houston building at risk? Texas Infrared Building Inspection Services offers a full infrared Inspection service by certified inspection thermographers. Our Houston infrared building inspections report on:

  • Locations where heat is escaping out of your building and where cold air is leaking in due to poor insulation or structural problems.
  • Moisture problems where water is seeping in from outside or from damaged structures inside the building.
  • Mechanical problems in equipment where components are overheating.
  • Electrical problems from poor wiring, failing components or loose connections.
  • Pest infiltration that are hidden inside the walls or structure of your building.
  • Indications of potential structural failure in a building.

All of these issues can be detected before they become major problems with disruptive and expensive consequences. This is why it is important to have regular infrared inspections provided by Infrared Technologies.

We have been in the infrared thermography industry for over 30 years. We provide reports for prospective home buyers, private homeowners and owners of commercial properties in Houston.

What you can expect from a Houston infrared building inspection?

  • A comprehensive report – that you can use for maintenance planning in your building.
  • Infrared Electrical Survey – This detects problems at switch boxes, fuse boxes, and wiring, including wiring that is hidden inside walls. We strongly recommend that electrical Infrared surveys are carried out at least yearly to reduce the risk of catastrophic damage that can occur from an electrical failure.
  • Infrared flat roof integrity surveys – Our infrared roof surveys are backed up with a manual inspection to compliment any recommendations made to you. They are especially important if you have extra devices fitted onto and through the roof such as solar panels, chimneys, and air conditioning units.
  • Photovoltaic panel Infrared survey –  After these panels have been installed they will benefit from our regular inspection for defective cells, loose electrical connections, and faulty wiring. They also need to be inspected for debris that can accumulate on the panels and reduce their efficiency. Our surveys allow your photo-voltaic panels to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Mechanical equipment surveys –  Moving parts are the weak points in any mechanical equipment. As bearings become worn and parts become damaged from general wear and tear, they will change their heat ‘signature’. These changes can be detected during a Houston Infrared mechanical Inspection and indicate where further inspections or maintenance should be focused.
  • Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) infrared surveys – Your heating and ventilation ducting/piping carries your warm air, steam, or water through your building. Any leaks in this system will result in a loss in efficiency, possible moisture problems, and cost you money. For these reasons alone it is important to include infrared inspections of your HVAC system to allow full efficiency to be maintained and avoid expensive heat loss.
  • Building envelope infrared inspections – check for insufficient or damp insulation, poor sealing around windows, loss of inert gas from double glazing, and structural problems. These inspections are carried out without the need to damage the building in any way.

Houston, Texas Infrared inspection services will benefit you more than just saving you money in the long term. It will:

  • Allow you to live or work in a safer environment. Excess moisture in a building allows mold, mildew, dust and allergens to build up and affect the health of those in the building.
  • Allow your HVAC system to operate in an efficient and effective manner, saving you money while keeping those in the building comfortable.
  • Allow you to take early preventative maintenance that will prevent the need for expensive repairs later on. It will also reduce the risk of expensive downtime resulting from a system failure or collapse.
  • Allow you to achieve savings in your insurance premiums.

If you own your own office or commercial building in Houston, Texas, Infrared building inspection services should be a priority for you and your maintenance plan.

If you are considering the purchase of your own commercial property or building in Houston, our services can help you from making a purchase that could result in unnecessarily and costly repairs. Our thermography reports will allow you to accurately focus and prioritize any maintenance issues affecting your building. They will improve the efficiency of the systems in your Houston building, reduce stoppages due to equipment and structural failure, and save you money. We offer you a quality service that cannot be bettered.


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