Fayetteville Infrared Building Inspection

When you need to identify equipment and system failures, Infrared technology is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that can locate problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Infrared Technologies in Fayetteville, Arkansas can assist you with identifying these problems to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Why choose Our Fayetteville Infrared Building Inspection Services, Infrared Technologies?

For over 3 decades, Infrared Technologies has been providing Fayetteville Building inspection services. We provide electrical, mechanical and Infrared building inspections that are specifically designed to do the following:

  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce and/or eliminate costly maintenance costs often caused by system wide failures
  • Identify problems before they become serious
  • Increased savings

Our certified  Infrared Themographers make a difference. 

At Infrared Technologies, we have skilled and experienced Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers who can provide you with the information you need the most to make important decisions about your building inspection. To help you understand what is going on with your energy loss, maintenance systems, and more, you can be assured that our thermographers will provide you with the following:

  • Infrared preventative and predictive maintenance reports
  • Condition assessment and monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Forensics

Discover why Industry leaders like Kellogg and Amazon prefer Infrared Technologies!

With our commitment to delivering the highest quality of service, precision, and attention to detail, we have quickly become an industry leader in Infrared Building inspection, being sought out by some of the most renowned companies in the world. Whether you want to monitor your energy loss, improve efficiency, increase profitability or more, we have a wide variety of Infrared building inspection services in Fayetteville, and throughout Arkansas.

Infrared Electrical System Survey – The key is to find any equipment issues before they become a major issue.  The Infrared Electrical System Survey is designed to identify problems and prevent system failures that can disrupt equipment.  During your Infrared building inspection, we focus on our   thermography to identify malfunctioning equipment, circuit overloads, and unbalanced loads. The electrical system surveys we perform are non-destructive and can result in lower maintenance costs, increased profits, and improved safety. For the best results, its highly advised you perform this type of survey at least once a year!

Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey – As you know, moisture can cause excessive damage to a roof that is often beyond repair or too costly to fix. The key to preventing roof damage on your building is to identify moisture before it presents a major problem.  In fact, major leaks and roof damage on your building can occur and may not be noticeable to the naked eye. This is why Infrared Flat roof moisture surveys are crucial to perform.  Our Infrared technology can identify trapped moisture and certain areas that may need to be repaired.  As a result of the survey, you can take the proper action steps to repair and/or replace your roof.

Infrared Photovoltaic System Survey – You can avoid some of the most common solar panel issues by conducting an Infrared photo-voltaic survey (solar panel survey). There may be a wide variety of reasons your system may not be functioning properly. These reasons can include manufacturing defects, electrical issues, installation issues, faulty wiring, short circuits, impurities, gas pockets, cracked or malfunctioning cells, shaded obstructions, debris and much more.  These surveys are designed to identify these critical problems. Once you understand the issue, you will be able to improve overall efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Building Envelope Infrared Inspections – When you can detect and locate major energy loss in your building inspection, you can immediately correct the issue, which, in turn can lead to increased profits and money saved. Our Infrared building inspections are specifically designed to identify key issues that caused your energy loss.

Two of the primary causes of energy loss are air leakage and insulation issues.  During this Infrared inspection performed by our certified thermographers, we can identify energy loss your roofs, doors, windows, ceilings and floors.  Once we provide you with a hard copy of the infrared imagery to implement cost effective measures that result in energy efficiency, asset preservation, energy savings, and can also protect any warranty plans you have in place.

Mechanical System Surveys – Like any other survey and building inspection, Mechanical System surveys are designed to identify problems before they happen. Whether you have boilers, rotating machines, or any type of machinery, the Infrared building inspection survey can identify any potential and existing issues.  This is a non-destructive way to locate system failures without shutting down any equipment.  The end result is you can reduce downtime, minimize the cost of repairs, and practice quality assurance.

Steam System Surveys – It can be difficult to identify system failures with the naked eye. This is why it’s imperative to perform diagnostics that can locate problems before they start. Whether you have underground issues, blocked or leaking lines, and /or steam traps, a steam system survey can be the ultimate solution.  Once you identify issues you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint, save thousands of dollars in energy waste every year, and lower maintenance costs.

We offer more than Fayetteville Infrared building inspections

We provide a wide selection of building inspection services in Fayetteville and other areas of Arkansas that can benefit you. Whether you need to prevent energy loss, monitor roof damage, need a comprehensive Infrared building inspection, or conduct quality assurance on your equipment and systems, we can provide the following Infrared inspections services:

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When you want to improve efficiency, increase profits, and reduce costs, invest in a Fayetteville Infrared building inspection with Infrared Technologies.  We have some of the most thorough and well -trained thermographers who specialize in identifying problems before they arise.

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