El Paso Infrared Building Inspection Services

When considering the maintenance inspection of your building, you must look further than what you can see and experience. This applies whether you are a homeowner or the owner of commercial premises. You need to be able to look inside the structure of the building to look for developing problems and other issues that cannot otherwise be detected without invasive and damaging inspection of your building.

At Infrared Technologies we have been providing non-invasive infrared building inspections that detect building maintenance issues for the past 30 years.  Our thermographers are trained and certified through Infraspection Institute.

With our Infrared building inspection services in El Paso, we can detect issues before they develop into bigger and more expensive problems. We will give you with a detailed report on problems with your building that need maintenance.  The different types of surveys we provide include:

  • Heat loss. This may be due to inadequate insulation or even wet insulation from condensation or a leaking roof. Heat loss may result from poor ducting that is losing heat which can leave some rooms cold and poorly heated.
  • Construction issues that allow drafts or moisture to enter the building.
  • Electrical problems. Infrared inspections can detect heat patterns that indicate electrical problems within your building such as loose electrical connections, failing cables due to current overloads, or faulty electrical fittings. It is strongly recommended that your electrical system has an infrared inspection, at least every year. This will help prevent power outages and the risk of fire from electrical circuit failure.
  • Developing mechanical problems. As mechanical plant inside your building begins to wear or fail it develops tell-tale heat patterns heat that can be detected through an infrared survey.
  • Roofing and condensation problems. Our infrared surveys are able to detect water leaks and where the water is tracking through your building. They are able to see where condensation is developing within the structure of your building. Our roofing surveys consist of an infrared survey which is backed up with a visual inspection as per best practice.
  • Malfunctioning equipment due to worn parts. Worn parts in machinery such as a worn or loose bearing will give off excessive heat. If left undiscovered they can lead to complete system failure and great expense to you in lost time and money.

The surveys that we provide to identify these issues include:

  • Flat roof inspection survey
  • Building envelope survey
  • Steam system survey
  • Mechanical system survey
  • Electrical system survey
  • Solar Panel/ Infrared Photovoltaic Panels Inspection

Infrared Technologies provides a professional service that is unequaled

We will provide you with a detailed report that will allow you to target and prioritize your maintenance. It will allow you to achieve an effective maintenance program that will save you money by preventing problems from developing into disasters.

It wall also allow you to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduce lost time through building and equipment failure.
  • Achieve lower insurance premiums.
  • Allow personnel inside your building to be more comfortable and free from allergens, mold, and dust.
  • Maintain the value of your building.

Infrared Technologies is renowned for its El Paso infrared building inspection services

We have developed long-term relationships with satisfied customers across a broad range of businesses.


Infrared Technologies offers you the best service available. We are extremely proud of our service that we offer you which is appreciated by our ever increasing family of loyal customers. We can allow you to develop a maintenance schedule that will not only save you money but will add value and structural integrity to your building.

You will not regret contacting us to discuss the complete list of El Paso infrared building inspections Infrared Technologies can offer you.

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