Dallas Infrared Building Inspections for commercial buildings

You are reading this because you are requiring a non-invasive building inspection service that allows you to develop a successful building maintenance program. You are looking for a service that goes beyond a simple visual inspection of your building. You need an infrared inspection service that can deliver on its promise and allow you to catch problems before they develop into costly repairs and disruptions to your business.  We provide the same quality service to homeowners as well.

Our Dallas infrared building inspection company, Infrared Technologies have been providing this service for over 30 years now for a continuously increasing number of satisfied customers. We can offer your business premises, or your home, a range of infrared services that will take the guess work out of your maintenance program. A service that will save you money by allowing you to target your planned maintenance.

We utilize the skills of our Infraspection Institute Certified thermographers to give you the best infrared building inspection available. One that we are justifiably proud of. We can help you detect issues in your building related to:

  • Poor insulation
  • Defects in your buildings heating system
  • Failing roofing and other water intrusion problems
  • Developing mechanical problems in the mechanical equipment that supplies heating and other functions for your building
  • Electrical issues that can lead to power failure or even fire.

Dallas Infrared building Inspections can offer you:

Building Envelope Infrared Inspection. It does not take much for heat to escape and be lost from a building. That gap can be caused by poor insulation or insulation that has collapsed inside a wall over time. It can result from a gap in the actual structure of the building due to a construction defect or a building failure. If water is able to leak into these gaps and dampens the insulation, it will degrade the quality of the insulation. It’s highly advisable that you perform this inspection at least once a year.

Flat Roof Infrared Inspection. The roof infrared inspection can detect where water may be leaking through your roof and track it once it has leaked into your building. We include a visual inspection to complement this infrared report to achieve the most accurate assessment. This report can also detect any mold and mildew so you can reduce the risk of the ‘sick building’ syndrome. When a faulty piece of roofing is detected it simplifies any repair and reduces the need for the entire roof to be replaced.

Infrared Electrical Inspection. We can detect abnormal thermal variations in the electrical system of your building. This may be due to poor connections in electrical cables, overheating in cabling due to overloaded circuits, or damaged cables. Our infrared inspection not only lowers the risk of power outages in your building but reduces the very real risk of a fire starting from faulty electrical circuits.

Infrared Photovoltaic Panels Inspection.  This infrared building inspection observes the thermal patterns of your photo-voltaic panels. It is able to detect faulty and failing panels that may need replacement, and faulty cabling and connections. The full inspection also includes checking for debris building up on the panels. This inspection allows you to optimize the efficiency of your photo-voltaic panels.

Infrared Mechanical System Inspections. These inspections survey motor bearings, walk in fridge/freezers, and other mechanical systems. Dallas infrared building Inspections are made under normal operating loads allowing us to test your machinery under real operating conditions. Our reports allow you to perform cost-saving preventative maintenance and plan maintenance schedules.

Infrared Steam System Inspections. If you use steam for heating your building, our infrared inspections can detect where steam is being lost from your system. We survey your heating boiler jackets and couplings, steam traps, and the piping that carries the steam through your building.

Our infrared building inspections in Dallas are a cost saving, non-intrusive service that can be undertaken without disruption to your business. They also add to your green credentials by helping to reduce your energy waste. Infrared Inspections detect problems before they develop into disasters. Major expensive repairs and costly downtime can be avoided. The health of your staff can be enhanced while risks from fire can be reduced.

Infrared building inspections are able to meet all your infrared building inspection requirements.Join our satisfied customers such as Kellogg and Amazon by giving us a call today to discuss how we can help you. It will be an investment that you will not regret.

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