Arkansas Infrared Building Inspection

Detect problems before they start with Infrared Testing by Infrared Technologies

Infrared Technologies has been providing an Arkansas Infrared Building inspection service for more than three decades. We can offer you a complete service of electrical, mechanical and building infrared inspections.

Our service allows you to detect problems at an early stage. They can then be resolved through targeted maintenance before they deteriorate further into a costly problem.

Our Infrared Thermographs are the best in their field and are trusted by reputable companies such as Amazon and Kellogg. They are all Infraspection Institute Certified and trained to document thermal patterns to a high standard.

They will provide you with:

  • Infrared preventative and predictive maintenance reports
  • Condition assessment and monitoring
  • Quality assurance reports
  • Forensics reports evaluating construction failures.

When you need detailed and accurate information about your electrical, mechanical, and building systems, give Infrared Technologies a call today.

Preventative Maintenance Surveys that are offered by Arkansas Infrared Inspection Services

  • Infrared Electrical System Survey
    Our electrical surveys are designed to identify problems before they result in a system-wide failure. Our Infrared thermography inspections not only improve the reliability of your electrical system, they will also reduce the expensive repair costs that occur when problems are left unchecked.You should perform your Arkansas infrared electrical survey at least once a year so that you can detect any loose electrical connections, faulty equipment, unbalanced loads, and circuit overloads.
  • Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Survey
    When we perform an infrared flat roof moisture inspection, our goal is to find moisture within the roof system before it causes further damage to the home. Our infrared flat roof surveys include a physical inspection to back up and confirm results from the infrared thermography tests.
  • Infrared Photovoltaic System Survey
    These surveys are designed to improve the overall efficiency of  Arkansas solar panels. Our infrared thermographers will identify issues with defective cells, malfunctioning equipment, faulty wiring, and determine whether panels are obscured by debris. They can detect problems before they deteriorate into unnecessarily costly repairs.
  • Building Envelope Infrared Inspections
    When your building loses energy, it costs you money. Our building Envelope Infrared Inspections allow you to target insulation requirements, combat drafts that lose valuable heat from a building and help detect structural problems that require attention.

Arkansas Infrared Building Inspections will provide you with a hard-copy of the infrared imagery to allow you to target your maintenance in a  cost-effective way.

  • Mechanical System Surveys
    We use infrared thermography to locate abnormal heat patterns within the components of your machinery. This can be caused by excessive friction from worn bearings, inadequate cooling systems or other failing mechanical devices. This is a non-destructive way to pinpoint developing or actual equipment failures. This will allow you to reduce downtime, and reduce the cost of overall repairs.
  • Steam System Surveys
    If you use steam for your manufacturing or heating needs for your business, steam trap surveys can save you thousands of dollars in energy waste annually. You will also reduce your carbon footprint, making these inspections particularly appealing to many Arkansas businesses.

Building Inspection Services provided by Arkansas Infrared Inspection, Infrared Technologies

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Arkansas Infrared Building Inspection services designed to reduce risks and improve efficiency!

When it comes to preventing emergency maintenance, increasing profits, addressing safety concerns and preserving energy, an Infrared Building inspection is exactly what you need.

Whether you need a steam survey, building envelope inspection, or any of our other Arkansas Infrared building inspections, give us a call and discover how we can help you improve your overall operation.